Billiard Sports to be included in The 2021 World Games

April 23, 2018 l WCBS

There’s good news for the world’s best practitioners of billiards sports and the tens of millions of fans around the globe who follow pool, snooker and carom. The World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) can now announce that pool, snooker, and carom will be included in the 2021 World Games to be hosted in the […]

Mak Marketing Junior Tour

April 12, 2018 l Diane Wild

Mak Marketing Junior Tour – Great junior pool tournament took place in Lodz in Poland ( 7.04.2018). We had 90 boys and 44 girls –Total 134 participants . Mak Marketing organizes 4 Junior Tours a year. Before main Event we had qualification tournaments,  570 juniors  fought for promotion.

Disciplinary Anti-Doping decisions

April 6, 2018 l WCBS

ASCHAUER Thomas: 2 years ban of any sport competition. Starting by 20.02.2018 and ending 19.02.2020 (24:00 (Art. 2.1 WCBS Anti Doping Rules 2015) suspended by ANADO.   GUTTENBERGER Daniel: 2 years ban of any sport competition. Starting by 03.12.2017 and ending 02.12.2019 (24:00) (Art. 2.1 WCBS Anti Doping Rules 2015). suspended by ANADO

WCBS – Official Statement March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018 l WCBS

From the outset, we would like to underline that the World Confederation of Billiards sports (WCBS) promotes and develops Billiards sports based on democratic principles and social values of universal fraternity and solidarity. The WCBS retains and respects the complete autonomy and independence of each member. However, we noticed that for several months there are […]

Anti-doping course in Poland

February 5, 2018 l Diane Wild

28.01.2018 Marcin Krzeminski , chairman of WCBS Anti-Doping Committee met pool instructors and talked about the fight against doping. The course was organized by the Polish Billiard Association. 14 people participated in it.